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The Largest Countries In The World

There are around 196 countries in the world. All 7 billion of the world population live in these countries. Not all countries are alike and every country has its own culture, landscape and economy. Not all countries are equal by size and population. For instance some countries that are small may have an higher population than countries that are large. This does not mean there’s a difficulty to live but that people have managed to survive this way. Here are some of the largest countries in the world.


Russia is the largest nation in the world with a land mass of 17,075,200 km2. It is likewise the ninth most populated country in the world with a population of 144 million. The capital city of Russia, Moscow is also considered one of the largest cities in the world. Due to its size Russia shares terrestrial borders with Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan Georgia, , Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and North Korea. Russia has a wide range of landscapes and has eleven time zones. Russia is so large it has one eighth of the world’s land mass. Russia is superpower and is recognized as one of the five nuclear weapon states. Due to it’s large size there are many warehouses and storage space in Singapore units available.


Canada is the 2nd largest nation in the world by overall area. Due to the rivers and lakes Canada is the 4th largest nation by land area. Canada has a total area of 9,984,670 km2 and a inhabitants of 35 million which is considered quite low. As Canada is sparsely populated most of the nation is forests and rocky mountains. Due to this Canada is a popular destination for immigrants, therefore it is among the most multi-cultural and ethnically diverse nations in the world. Canada is a highly developed country and is considered to be one of the best cities to live in and storage space and housing are quite affordable. Canada is generally ranked highly on economic freedom, government transparency, health care, education and quality of life. Similar to Russia due to the large spaces available there are many natural gases and industries available.


USA or The United States of America is the third largest country in the world. The US has an extremely diverse landscape and climate across the country. The US has a total are of 9,833,520 km2 and a population of 324 million people. Similar to Canada, USA is ethnically diverse and multi-cultural. The US is also home to the largest immigrant population in the world. The US is a highly developed nation and has the largest economy in the world. The US is considered to be the world’s foremost economic and military power. Further it was the first country to develop nuclear power.

Inspired Surprises: How To Break Stereotypes In Presents

Have you ever wondered why we decide to give certain types of presents to certain people? It’s called stereotyping. It’s actually not intentional but it is something that we have been told, is correct. It would seem perfect to give a little boy a toy robot or give a 5 year old girl a princess dress, but, what if there is more than just that token of love that you could give them? Maybe something that would encourage them or even empower their talents. Here are a few pointers on breaking stereotypes when you go shopping for presents.

Avoid the obvious

The best way to avoid stereotyping when buying presents is to completely and deliberately avoid the obvious. To put it in simpler terms, don’t buy your grandmother a bunch of cute photo albums. Instead try to get her something out of the box.  The more thought you put into your umbrella HK the more chances there are that you are not stereotyping the recipient.

How can you do this?

If you are unsure of how to do the above, the best method to go about this is to actually dig a little deeper into the interests of the recipient. Your grandmother might love to enjoy collections of family photographs and will treasure the albums you give her but, does she also have a knack for handcraft? Would she be interested in signing up for paper toll or pottery classes? Then do that instead. Want to give your father a power bank gifts at GiftU? Sure, he will love it because you gave it to him but if he enjoys listening to old vinyl records, why not try and get some vintage vinyl for him?

Empowering kids through your presents

Even in the case of adults, going out of the way to get them something that would really bring out a new side of them is much appreciated. However, when you shop for presents to give kids in your family, the task is even more important. Instead of gifting your daughter or niece a princess costume, Barbie doll set or a doll house, see if they have a talent for art, music or any other field. If they do, give them something along those lines. There is absolutely nothing wrong in giving a traditional gift to a kid, but when you think out of the box, you are inadvertently empowering them to test themselves too. They will gain confidence to explore their potential and at a small age, this could actually turn out to be a career and life shaping instance.

Take a different approach

The majority of us will not implement this method because we have been used to the idea that giving somebody a present has to be a surprise. Ideally, you could take a completely opposite approach to this. If you can, take some time out to go shopping with the person who you want to buy a present for. Ask them actively what they would like to have and what their interests are. Encourage them to be open and honest with you and let them choose the present for themselves while you pick up the bill. It is unconventional but we are talking about breaking stereotypes after all!

Running Out Of Places To Store Things?

Some of us have our own weird habits, because it’s always going to be a part of who we are, as individuals. These habits have slowly developed over the years, some intentional and others unintentional. There will obviously be people who make fun, but they won’t be able to deny the fact that they’re human too and have habits that are probably out of this world. It’s annoying how they’re always the first ones to point out something different or wrong, never ready to accept something that’s unique.

Judging others will never get you anywhere, because you’ll just be stuck in the same place for god knows how long. As long as you keep being you, embrace who you really are, you’ll have no issue. For the ones who will always make fun of others, there’s nothing you can do about it; that’s how they are, because they pretty much lead sad, sad lives. Who knows, they might actually be different people inside, something may have happened to them for them to be that way. However, that’s not a valid excuse for them to pick on other people.

We all have some habits that we wish we could get rid of, some of them would probably be to stop being messy and unorganized, binging on fast food all at once, overthinking, to name just a few, out of a whole lot. Being messy and unorganized is normal, as people tend to get distracted and forget to clean up afterwards, out of habit. What isn’t normal however, is being too organized, the level of a perfectionist. Being organized isn’t necessarily that hard, it’s all in the matter of knowing how. You could start putting your things into a mini storage cupboard, making it easier for you to find it when you need it, thus lessening the clutter everywhere.  It would be a worthwhile investment in the long term, as you would make much use of it. Plus, you can even customize it the way you like it, instead of leaving it the way it is.

These days, you have to make sure that you keep your valuables in a safe place, somewhere that’s hard to find, but a place only you know of. Unfortunately there’s been an increasing number of robberies happening recently, so it’s best to keep it in a mini storage shatin place. It’s always better to avoid unfortunate circumstances by taking extra precaution when it comes to storing your valuables, as you never know until it happens to you.



How To Earn A Little Extra Cash; Right From Your Dorm Room?

College life is expensive. Dating, parties, social events, tutorials…we can go on and on about why it’s important that you have money at hand. Earning your own money is definitely the only you can spend without feeling guilty. Here are a few of our experts’ tips and suggestions on how to earn money, right from your college dorm room.  College life is expensive. Dating, parties, social events, tutorials…we can go on and on about why it’s important that you have money at hand. Earning your own money is definitely the only you can spend without feeling guilty. Here are a few of our experts’ tips and suggestions on how to earn money, right from your college dorm room.  

• Being tech savvy – are you someone who is skilled in the computer. Regardless to whether your skills run in the direction of software or hardware, if you’re good, you will be in high demand. As most colleges are filled with the “not-so techy” people, you will most probably have a heavy stream of customers. If you want to reach out, try offering your services to an online digital marketing company in Hong Kong

• Being popular in social media – are you naturally talented at keeping up with the online trends? Are you already the admin of several popular pages and accounts on social media? If you are, your skills can be put to use at a best video producers Hong Kong? Not interested in working for someone else? No problem. Spread the word out that you are willing to make unpopular pages hot and happening; for a price. And then the fun begins! 

• Having a great eye – with the available technology in modern times, nearly everyone we know is a photographer. But owning a pricy camera and having an eye for photography are two different things. You can be an event photographer, social media photographer…or even a stock photographer.

• Having the best parties – do you throw the best parties in campus? Are your parties a sure hit? If your reputation hold, starting up a party organizing business should be a breeze to you. With unlimited man power in the form of college mates, your business is ready to bloom.  

• Knowing how to clean like a boss – “college” and “clutter” is inseparable. But sometimes, it just gets too much! If your skills for cleaning up (especially if you can do it in short notices) is good enough to start a business, we assure you that you will never run out of customers. You’d be surprised at how many! 

• Keen ears and flying fingers – typing at high speed is a skill most computer users pick up. It’s a skill that can come in to great use in college, especially when taking notes. But you can use this skill too to help you earn money. From typing out documents to transcribing, you again have many options… Things mentioned above may seem impractical or out of our reach at the moment but if focused and done right with good healthy effort, you are good to go!

Problems Created By Not Using The Right Real Estate Agent

If you ever state the fact that you need to find a property for your business or your family to a friend or family member with knowledge about these matters, he or she will most of the time advise you to get a good real estate agent. That is because using a real estate agent is not just an easier way of finding what you want to find out, it is also a way to find a property without any problems.

However, often, there are people who try to do this property finding work on their own only to face problems as the ones mentioned below because they try to do something about which they have no previous knowledge or experience.  

Real Estate at a Wrong Location

When you are looking for office space for lease in Hong Kong you have to always find a place that is situated at a place which is easily accessible for the customers as well as for the employees. This ease of access and being at a place where other known businesses are can offer your business a good exposure too. However, when you do not know the real estate market well you could end up choosing a place at a wrong location because you do not know the tricks used by sellers to advertise their property.

Real Estate Your Cannot Afford

There are times when people also get deals for properties which they cannot afford because they do not discuss about the price thoroughly enough when they make contact with the seller. If a real estate agent is handling the situation they make sure to talk about price before going into other details.

Real Estate with Bad Conditions

One of the biggest problems people have to face when going into office property for sale in Hong Kong or buying can be choosing a place with bad conditions. There can be problems with buildings sometimes even the seller is not aware of. However, a proper real estate agent will check those out too. But, if you are new to this work you can end up renting or buying the place without running a proper check on the place.

Real Estate with Legal Trouble

Sometimes, some sellers can bury the legal questions so that a person who does not know about property can end up not finding out about the problems until it is quite late. A real estate agent never falls for that trick.

Using a real estate agent can help you not to face any of these problems which will waste your time and money.

Delegating Tasks To Employees As Your Business Grows

If you are the owner of a growing business, and are still doing most of the work by yourself, then expanding your business can get very complicated. If you’re financially ready for it, and comfortable about delegating tasks, then here are a few tasks that you can hire employees for…

  • Handling the phone calls and the appointments – the last thing you had in mind when you first started your business from the seat of your pants, was hiring someone to answer your calls and organize the appointments. And it wouldn’t have been an issue in the beginning at all. But once the company starts growing, and the work increases dramatically, even this simple task can be overwhelming to handle. And this is why you could definitely benefit by hiring a Hong Kong company secretary!
  • Handling the legal issues – as a small business that’s just taking off from the ground, it’s doubtful that you’d face a lot of legal issue—especially if you’ve done your research carefully and taken cautious steps. But the bigger you grow, the more issues you should expect. Apart from problems, hiring a good business lawyer can also help you make other simple decisions; like what Hong Kong business registration services to use.
  • Handling employee payments and accounts – in the beginning, many businesses have just a handful of employees to take care of and manage. But once you start evolving and expanding, there should be a dramatic increase in the employee list. Handling their payments and company accounts will then become an issue. Even if you are brilliant with numbers, hiring a professional is best, as you can make use of this time for something else.
  • Handling the written correspondences – in the age of the internet, no one thinks much about written correspondences. Unfortunately, though the business world has evolved in leaps and bounds in the last few decades, written correspondences are still “a thing”. In fact, we’d say the written word sometimes has more affect than you think. If you find yourself loathing typing out letters and business documents, then hiring someone to do so on your behalf makes more sense.
  • Handling the website maintenance – most businesses now-a-days have its own online platforms and social media accounts. From extra sales to even connecting more personally to your clients, these websites and accounts come in use. Though you might enjoy doing so, even this is a job that that can be delegated to an employee—especially if you want a little extra time for yourself.
  • Handling the cleaning – walking into an already cleaned and neat office has been proved to be better for your work mentality. In fact, studies show that it even makes your more efficient. Unfortunately, if you do your own cleaning, it’s possible that you might not be doing so too often—especially in your busiest days. Hire a cleaner or a service for this; and sit back and enjoy this minor luxury.

Why Your Business Should Own A Proper Telephone System

When you start out your business you are always trying to find out ways to make your business activities possible without actually going through making expensive investments or expenses. That is natural for any business especially when they are small and medium sized businesses. However, when your business starts to expand you should make changes.

One of the changes you must do as your company expands is investing in an IP office phone system giving up the free telephone structure you have been using up to that point. This kind of an investment in an advanced structure should be made due to some good reasons.

To Gain All Sorts of Facilities

This kind of an advanced structure comes with a multitude of facilities. For example, you get to have a structure that is more secure. This means only the people who have authorized access to the company network can use the lines. It can prevent other people from using your phones. You also get to use call queuing facilities. That way no call which comes your way gets lost.

At the same time, such an advanced structure allows other advanced equipment such as a telephone voice recorder to be connected to the system without raising any issues.

To Get Multiple Local Numbers

Operating from one location is fine as long as your company is a small business. However, as your company grows you will have connections in other parts of the country. For example, you could have suppliers from other parts of the country. Calling your area number can be a burden to them. However, if you have an advanced VoIP structure in place you can even obtain local numbers in their location making it easier for them to communicate with you.

To Stay Connected Properly With Other Businesses

As a business you should always strive to move forward with technology as all other firms do. That means if you are still using a free phone facility you could be left behind. Most companies nowadays use VoIP telephone structures. They can only connect with a similar structure. If you want to stay in touch with other companies you have to upgrade your communication structure too.

To Get Support When You Need to

Those free call services usually do not respond to you when you are in a hurry to get some communication problem solved. However, all the modern structures come with reliable support which is at your service all the time.

All of these reasons make it necessary for you to have a proper business phone structure.

Recruitment, A Vital Part In Human Resources Management

As recruitment is one of the major parts in human resource management, it is essential for those who work in human resource management field to know what recruitment is and what is their role in the process. Those who are in job in human resources, definitely go through the process of recruitment as in any organization, with the time being people leave and new people join. When it comes to the process of recruitment, there are many steps to be gone through. The first thing is attracting people for the available job vacancy. There you have to be involved in the advertising part where you should decide the particular newspaper, website or the places where the advertisement should be published.

When the applications are received, you are supposed to sort them out and short list the qualified people under the instructions of the management. Even if it is not a job in human resources, you are supposed to review the applications at recruitment company and see if they have fulfilled the necessary requirements. When the applications are short listed, it is again your responsibility to call the candidates and let them know the date of interview. When the interview is planned, you should inquire the management if they are able to come to the interviews on the decided day and the place of the interview should also be arranged. If you are planning to have any practical tests or written tests, those things should also be well arranged to make sure that the candidates are not disappointed with your process.

When the interviews are done, you should inform those who got selected and let them know the date that they are supposed to start working. When they join, you have to give them the full details of their employment, conditions, benefits and all the related things. Appointment letters should be prepared and their information should be included in the system of the organization. The new employees should be taken to every department of the company if possible and show them the places while introducing them to the other employees. They should be given their places with the necessary equipment and documents and ask the others in the team to help the new people until they catch up things and be familiar with the place.

If you are a successful human resources manager, you are capable of recruiting the best people for your organization and make sure that the best employees are not willing to leave the place even if there are plenty of new job opportunities open up in other places.

Meeting Heavy Transportation Needs

Transportation is something that is much needed in the world today. It is way more than getting from a point to another. It is a way to connect, to travel, to experience and to get on with our lives with more convenience. In the days where transportation was not this developed, it was a very tedious task and there was much to do and consider before going on a journey. The world that is there today is very different. With the development in the roads and the field of transportation, transportation is way easier than before, and it is possible for anyone to find some mode that would best suit their preference as the mode of transportation.

Transportation can be done in many ways. Individuals can use their personal vehicles or maybe public transport to get to the locations that they want to go. When it comes to the transportation of goods, there are many services and means of transportation that would facilitate these needs. However, the more the load of the goods that you transport, the difficult it will be to find an ideal mode of transport. If the transportation of goods of such heavy loads happen often, the way it does in companies, it would be buy shipping containers in Australia, and after purchasing them, it would be a valuable asset since you would be transporting these heavy items often.

If one looks around, one would be able to find an 8 foot shipping container for sale that would facilitate all your transportation needs. In any scenario, it should be known that the purchase of such a container will never be a failed investment as such containers would always be in demand. You would be able to gain a very good resale value out of it and by purchasing this item you would be making a valuable investment. Since you would be able to meet the heavy transportation needs that would come, it would be possible for you to do the transportation while also having a good opportunity in making a good investment. 

The modes of transportation and the vehicle that you would have to use would obviously depend on what you wish to transport in it. Finding the ideal means that you could transport the heavy load would let you get rid of the constant trouble of having to come up with temporary ideas about transportation of the goods.  In doing so, one would have to compare and contrast all the ideas and then choose the best one that is best suited as a transportation medium for the heavy needs.

Simple And Easy Way To Keep Your Employees Motivated

So you finally have your dream team in place. You’ve gone through their CVs carefully and you’ve hired the best talent available. The right team to get the right work done. This is the start team with amazing track records of excellence; the team that will take your business stand out from the rest and will take it to the next level. So your dream team started off very strong, flooding with energy and new ideas to revolutionize the business. And one year down the line, the sparkle is just lost. Since lately the dream team seems to have hit a black wall. So is this the end? Well no. Your team lacks motivation. But there are many ways to fix this.

Appreciate the job well done

Unfortunately many HR heads and managers shrug their shoulders off when employee recognition programs are proposed at their companies. But recognition is of critical importance. This creates an emotional connection between the company and the employee; a critical aspect in employee engagement, while the GenY seems the generation to be craving for recognition, it is not only this trophy generation who will benefit from recognition and appreciation. Recognizing job well done by your employees won’t cost you fortune. This can simply be done through am email or a handwritten note. If you are look for a more elaborated way, get a simple gift and premium supplier subscription from a business magazine.

Healthy competition

Want to try something new to motivate everyone? How about a little healthy competition? The best way to introduce some competition into your office is through gamification. Yes the millennial love it. Adopt different tasks of your project as elements of a video game. Treat the weekly highest scores with company gift  products.

Give your team some authority

Have your employees ever tell you that they really appreciate the fact that you micromanage everything? No? That’s probably because they don’t! Humans value authority. Everyone loves to feel in control of something be it may simple as time and energy, and the lack of authority is a sure way to knock off your team’s motivation. Giving them liberty over certain tasks also shows that you trust your team, which in return will transform the relationship between the company and the employee.

Make your work environment exciting

Motivation and mood often works together. Put it in another way, your mood impacts your energy, mental capacity and your general health. If motivating your team matters to you, start my changing the work space.