There are different types of physical pains any human may encounter throughout his life. Some of them are just short term temporary ones which can be healed with normal pain killers. But there are serious pains which cannot be healed with normal pain killers that we take on our own. Some of those situations need more powerful medicine and there are other types of pains which cannot be fully healed with any medicine but requires physical therapies. Sometimes such pains may go away when you take medicine but they definitely arise time to time and you may go through the difficulty continuously. In such cases, doctors recommend you to consult a physio specialist and start physical therapies.

Physiotherapy in includes different types of treatments.  One major type is exercising which is recommended for conditions such as pains, injuries, illnesses and to help prevent any upcoming health issues.  Exercising is anyway good for any person and it helps improve your health. So even in physical therapy different exercises are given to increase stretching, flexibility, reduce joint pain and stress, strengthen muscles etc. weight lifting, walking, moving, water aerobics and many other exercises are recommended for the patients who undergo treatments.

Most of the time, when the patient consults a physiotherapist, he advises the patient on the necessary treatments and if any exercises is included, he asks the patient to continue doing it at home for a particular time duration. Therefore the patient can do it at work or at home any time when he is free. 

Manual therapy is another type of treatment which is most commonly performed with hands. The objective of manual therapy is to reduce pain, get relaxed and increase flexibility. Usually it includes massages, mobilization and manipulation. When massages are done, soft tissues of the body get pressed and it increases blood circulation which results in relaxation. Slow movements are recommended in mobilization which helps push, twist and move bones and joints. It results in increasing flexibility and loosen tissues. In manipulation joints are treated by applying a pressure on the joints. It is done with hands and sometimes a device specially made for it.  If you need physical rehabilitation services, go to this link.

Apart from above physical treatments, medical advices or education is important. You should properly follow advises given by your medical advisor to make sure that you avoid the risky activities and perform all your daily activities with proper care. You should make your living environment including your home, garden and room safe for yourself if you are suffering from any balance or vision problem.

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