Have you ever wondered why we decide to give certain types of presents to certain people? It’s called stereotyping. It’s actually not intentional but it is something that we have been told, is correct. It would seem perfect to give a little boy a toy robot or give a 5 year old girl a princess dress, but, what if there is more than just that token of love that you could give them? Maybe something that would encourage them or even empower their talents. Here are a few pointers on breaking stereotypes when you go shopping for presents.

Avoid the obvious

The best way to avoid stereotyping when buying presents is to completely and deliberately avoid the obvious. To put it in simpler terms, don’t buy your grandmother a bunch of cute photo albums. Instead try to get her something out of the box.  The more thought you put into your umbrella HK http://www.giftu.com.hk/en/travel-bags-outdoor/promotional-umbrella the more chances there are that you are not stereotyping the recipient.

How can you do this?

If you are unsure of how to do the above, the best method to go about this is to actually dig a little deeper into the interests of the recipient. Your grandmother might love to enjoy collections of family photographs and will treasure the albums you give her but, does she also have a knack for handcraft? Would she be interested in signing up for paper toll or pottery classes? Then do that instead. Want to give your father a power bank gifts at GiftU? Sure, he will love it because you gave it to him but if he enjoys listening to old vinyl records, why not try and get some vintage vinyl for him?

Empowering kids through your presents

Even in the case of adults, going out of the way to get them something that would really bring out a new side of them is much appreciated. However, when you shop for presents to give kids in your family, the task is even more important. Instead of gifting your daughter or niece a princess costume, Barbie doll set or a doll house, see if they have a talent for art, music or any other field. If they do, give them something along those lines. There is absolutely nothing wrong in giving a traditional gift to a kid, but when you think out of the box, you are inadvertently empowering them to test themselves too. They will gain confidence to explore their potential and at a small age, this could actually turn out to be a career and life shaping instance.

Take a different approach

The majority of us will not implement this method because we have been used to the idea that giving somebody a present has to be a surprise. Ideally, you could take a completely opposite approach to this. If you can, take some time out to go shopping with the person who you want to buy a present for. Ask them actively what they would like to have and what their interests are. Encourage them to be open and honest with you and let them choose the present for themselves while you pick up the bill. It is unconventional but we are talking about breaking stereotypes after all!

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