As recruitment is one of the major parts in human resource management, it is essential for those who work in human resource management field to know what recruitment is and what is their role in the process. Those who are in job in human resources, definitely go through the process of recruitment as in any organization, with the time being people leave and new people join. When it comes to the process of recruitment, there are many steps to be gone through. The first thing is attracting people for the available job vacancy. There you have to be involved in the advertising part where you should decide the particular newspaper, website or the places where the advertisement should be published.

When the applications are received, you are supposed to sort them out and short list the qualified people under the instructions of the management. Even if it is not a job in human resources, you are supposed to review the applications at recruitment company and see if they have fulfilled the necessary requirements. When the applications are short listed, it is again your responsibility to call the candidates and let them know the date of interview. When the interview is planned, you should inquire the management if they are able to come to the interviews on the decided day and the place of the interview should also be arranged. If you are planning to have any practical tests or written tests, those things should also be well arranged to make sure that the candidates are not disappointed with your process.

When the interviews are done, you should inform those who got selected and let them know the date that they are supposed to start working. When they join, you have to give them the full details of their employment, conditions, benefits and all the related things. Appointment letters should be prepared and their information should be included in the system of the organization. The new employees should be taken to every department of the company if possible and show them the places while introducing them to the other employees. They should be given their places with the necessary equipment and documents and ask the others in the team to help the new people until they catch up things and be familiar with the place.

If you are a successful human resources manager, you are capable of recruiting the best people for your organization and make sure that the best employees are not willing to leave the place even if there are plenty of new job opportunities open up in other places.

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