So you finally have your dream team in place. You’ve gone through their CVs carefully and you’ve hired the best talent available. The right team to get the right work done. This is the start team with amazing track records of excellence; the team that will take your business stand out from the rest and will take it to the next level. So your dream team started off very strong, flooding with energy and new ideas to revolutionize the business. And one year down the line, the sparkle is just lost. Since lately the dream team seems to have hit a black wall. So is this the end? Well no. Your team lacks motivation. But there are many ways to fix this.

Appreciate the job well done

Unfortunately many HR heads and managers shrug their shoulders off when employee recognition programs are proposed at their companies. But recognition is of critical importance. This creates an emotional connection between the company and the employee; a critical aspect in employee engagement, while the GenY seems the generation to be craving for recognition, it is not only this trophy generation who will benefit from recognition and appreciation. Recognizing job well done by your employees won’t cost you fortune. This can simply be done through am email or a handwritten note. If you are look for a more elaborated way, get a simple gift and premium supplier subscription from a business magazine.

Healthy competition

Want to try something new to motivate everyone? How about a little healthy competition? The best way to introduce some competition into your office is through gamification. Yes the millennial love it. Adopt different tasks of your project as elements of a video game. Treat the weekly highest scores with company gift  products.

Give your team some authority

Have your employees ever tell you that they really appreciate the fact that you micromanage everything? No? That’s probably because they don’t! Humans value authority. Everyone loves to feel in control of something be it may simple as time and energy, and the lack of authority is a sure way to knock off your team’s motivation. Giving them liberty over certain tasks also shows that you trust your team, which in return will transform the relationship between the company and the employee.

Make your work environment exciting

Motivation and mood often works together. Put it in another way, your mood impacts your energy, mental capacity and your general health. If motivating your team matters to you, start my changing the work space.

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