It’s a new journey you both will start which filled of dreams, enthusiasm and hopes. The couple should plan ahead before their marriage as to how they will live after married and where to live and take all these measures into account to plan their future together. Some couples may wish embark their journey in a different country with a new culture and this will be a great experience for them to understand each other and how to rely on themselves.

Firstly you need get a parkview property rent at Treasure Land Property Consultants Ltd. option as to where you two should live or maybe buy a place for rent or lease. This will be a hectic time for both but there will always be a clear sky after a storm. You need to save your earning money from the very beginning or saved in an account before marriage it’ll be useful in a matter like this. Eventually you maybe alike to build your own empire with her so face these struggle now and are more patient. After all it’s a journey where both have to stay together no matter what happens.

You can reach a robinson road property to get more options as to what sort of a neighbourhood you wish to have around, let him or her know your  budget , then he will be able to show you two some good houses or apartments for rent in Hong Kong. Next is to get an employment opportunity it’s not that easy but you may have to do odd jobs or if you already have contacts it’s a good start for you, either both of you may wish to work it’ll be a good idea so you will be able save more money for your family. You both need to be more stable financially and safe in order to build up a new family, don’t just jump into conclusions, having a kid when you both are unstable it’ll be more problematic. Your job should sound more financially secured and then plan your family.

It’s not like in fairy tales but after years you two will celebrate as to how you both used live and now. Even after having kids, from the beginning its better if you save in separate accounts for school fees and household spending; there won’t be a shortage of money. But with these hectic days don’t give up on your life or vows that you both said to each other, it’s all depending on your trust and patience. It’s worth taking a risk or else you will never learn; after all it’s for your new family you will build.

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