Moving to a brand new land is an exhilarating thought for most of us. But, as you can imagine, changing countries come with a number of challenges; of which the first will be getting past the immigration authority. And it can get complicated and mind boggling sometimes. immigration law firm in hong kong

These rules vary from one country to another. Therefore, how will one figure out the perfect place to relocate? If you hire an immigration law firm in Hong Kong to get things done for you, consider yourself in luck, as they will make the arduous process a whole lot smoother for you. As you must always reflect on your precedence for the move and opt for the country that best goes with your goals, here we bring to you a list of the top five countries to where you can reposition yourself and settle easily. 


This is considered one of the most welcoming places for immigrants in the world.  Being named one of the finest countries to reside in by the United Nations, this nation is prosperous in its natural as well as oil assets. Canada has some of the best higher education systems in the world. Canada has very low aggression rate and a soaring standard of living. It is a place that is brimming with opportunities for all: even if you are skilled professional or you have your eye on Investment immigration Hong Kong, this is a haven for you. 


Oh the American dream! The United States of America (USA) is definitely one of the most hunted after countries by immigration-enthusiasts. The USA is a melting pot of diversity and this alone is a major reason for people from every corner of the planet to be attracted. It is another nation with an extremely sturdy economy. The edification structure of the USA is top notch too.  But if you are looking to realize your green card dream, that may take a long time. 


Germany is the proud owner of a number of renowned universities ever to be; along with a very high quality schooling structure. The crime rate is very low. Not only that, the country records one of the lowest ranks when it comes to unemployment, out of all the European countries. All these aspects make it an excellent choice if you are aiming at the European-most part of the globe. 


Here we are with one of the majorly developed nations in the Asian region. With extremely broadminded immigration and residency rules, Singapore has at all times been a favored settlement for people from the Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and China. Though small in size, it brags approximately a nil rate of unemployment. With a pretty strong economy, many nations live amicably here. 


Another land with an easy set of laws for permanent citizenship. With quality standards of education and livelihood, employment prospects are also good. Though Australia is one of the most costly places to live; it does not affect the attraction in any way for many people who want to settle abroad

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