When you start out your business you are always trying to find out ways to make your business activities possible without actually going through making expensive investments or expenses. That is natural for any business especially when they are small and medium sized businesses. However, when your business starts to expand you should make changes.

One of the changes you must do as your company expands is investing in an IP office phone system giving up the free telephone structure you have been using up to that point. This kind of an investment in an advanced structure should be made due to some good reasons.

To Gain All Sorts of Facilities

This kind of an advanced structure comes with a multitude of facilities. For example, you get to have a structure that is more secure. This means only the people who have authorized access to the company network can use the lines. It can prevent other people from using your phones. You also get to use call queuing facilities. That way no call which comes your way gets lost.

At the same time, such an advanced structure allows other advanced equipment such as a telephone voice recorder to be connected to the system without raising any issues.

To Get Multiple Local Numbers

Operating from one location is fine as long as your company is a small business. However, as your company grows you will have connections in other parts of the country. For example, you could have suppliers from other parts of the country. Calling your area number can be a burden to them. However, if you have an advanced VoIP structure in place you can even obtain local numbers in their location making it easier for them to communicate with you.

To Stay Connected Properly With Other Businesses

As a business you should always strive to move forward with technology as all other firms do. That means if you are still using a free phone facility you could be left behind. Most companies nowadays use VoIP telephone structures. They can only connect with a similar structure. If you want to stay in touch with other companies you have to upgrade your communication structure too.

To Get Support When You Need to

Those free call services usually do not respond to you when you are in a hurry to get some communication problem solved. However, all the modern structures come with reliable support which is at your service all the time.

All of these reasons make it necessary for you to have a proper business phone structure.

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